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E-Z Heatloss                                E-Z Estimator  Detailed Report
heat loss, heat gain, CFM
Fuel Cost Comparison
Fuel Cost Comparison: sales enhancement tool.
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Bid Proposal

Follow these steps if the program does not run. 64 Bit systems may require Elevation to Administrator Privileges.  Email or phone for help if you need it. 

Load Size 


Change Order





Latent Gain

Material List

Feet of Radiation

Sensible Gain

Bill of Materials

Totals & per room.


Sale Analysis

BTUH/ Sqft.

Detailed Bid Worksheet

 Fuel Cost 


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E-Z Heatloss

E-Z Estimator

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64 bit systems may require elevation to Administrator Privileges. XP Pro may require compatibility mode.

Existing users:  Important program update 06/006/11 for versions < 6.0.210 ! Download & install this update to insure accuracy. 

Update6 to ver.  6.0.210

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  • Display Resolution Independence
  • compiled html help contextually linked
  • Manual J 8th Edition Fenestration Procedures for windows & Skylights.
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E-Z Heatloss 7

Upgrade price for registered users of 6.0: $99.95.

E-Z Estimator 1.0.51

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  • E-Z Heatloss7
  • (sub folder in existing Version 6 installations)
  • right click ez.exe
  • Properties
  • Compatibility
  • Run in Compatibility Mode
  • Windows ME
  • (XP-SP3 for Vista & 7)
  • Apply
  • OK
The procedures are the same for EZEST,  but the folder is EZEST
and the file name is

Follow  steps in previous column to set Compatibility Mode, then select Run As Administrator.

Refer to:
Read Me First.chm
placed on your desk top by the installer.

  1. Can you increase your profit and reduce the customer's operating cost by upgrading the sale to a more efficient furnace or air conditioner? Proper use of this feature can boost your sales and increase long term customer satisfaction..
  2. The E-Z Heatloss Demo has been improved to allow five  free trial load size calculations using the program's full capacity. You can compare its output to your current manual methods or other software.  If there is concern about acceptance by local regulators, they can download and evaluate the program for themselves.
  3. The program is unchanged, but the installer uses side by side deployment to prevent Dll Hell. It includes the files in the repair download below.  Side by side deployment works on XP-SP2 and Vista.
  4. The Heating & Cooling Load Hour Map link in older versions of ReadMeFirst.chm has been broken by merging organizations.  Use this link instead. The maps are zipped, they will expand to 190KB.  They are graphs superimposed upon a map of the U.S.A. Read between the lines.
  5. Registered users should make a Restoration Disk before downloading the new version; it will revert to Demo status.
  6. The free update fixes several minor bugs. It can not stand alone, it is injected into an existing installation. Save the update file to C:\E-Z Installers and run it again if the program ever reverts to demo. 

Download help file explaining how to make a Restoration Disk (300KB)

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